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Fall Downs

New Jersey law has a number of very important distinctions with respect to liability attaching to one who owns, controls, manages or leases property.

These various distinctions may impact on the rights of one who is injured because of the negligence of any/all of these various defendants. Additionally, there are very important differences in the laws which apply to residential property owners as opposed to commercial property owners.

Our staff knows these differences, and how to approach them so as to maximize your opportunity to be compensated should you be injured in any type of fall down situation.

Too frequently people are injured when property owners fail to keep their property safe from harmful conditions.

Property owners have a duty to reasonably maintain their property in a safe condition. When a property owner allows for unsafe or dangerous conditions to exist or negligently maintains his property, the owner may be held legally responsible for the injuries caused by the dangerous condition.

Many accidents occur from sidewalks that are poorly maintained, i.e. cracked, broken or uneven sidewalks, unshoveled sidewalks or poorly shoveled sidewalks.

Other examples of typical premise accidents are slippery floors in areas where people commonly walk, defective elevators, ceilings that collapse.

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We will employ the following methodology in order to put your case on the right path for a recovery:

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